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Former corporate guy.
Future corporate guy.
Current scient.pol student.
European citizen. Political being.
I prefer to take the path never explored before.


I joined the ranks of the financal sector within a few days of graduating from high school at age eighteen, and moved 6.000 miles to Hong Kong shortly thereafter. By virtue of wearing a suit five days a week, I stood out from the average teenager. I was employed at Nova Founders Capital, an investment firm specializing in building and supporting disruptive fintech companies.

Nova Founders Capital, Hong Kong, 2016


Ever since I began engaging myself politically I have been more motivated by the great visions rather than the humble details. Whether starting up a youth partnership in Moldova or organising an international summer camp, it is dedication that drives me ahead. It requires more than you think to wake up at 4am to catch a flight. on the way to some new project. I am proud to never have received a single cent for any political work.

National Student Confederation, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2016
Picture (c) Georgi Mitov


My identity revolves around the notion of an united Europe, I feel as closely connected to Berlin as Budapest or Brussels. I am an unapologetic federalist, and regard the European Union as one of the greatest political projects in history, bringing peace, stability and economic growth to a continent with a troubled past. I have held national office in European Youth Denmark, and have served on the Federal Committee of the Young European Federalists (JEF).

European Youth Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014


I find myself most empowered when standing behind the podium. When sitting on the negotiation table or holding a speech I am taken seriously, despite often being decades younger than my counterparts. Responsibility empowers. But it is not about me, It is about securing a voice for young people who cannot make their voice heard. I am a two-time delegate and youth repesentative at the World Forum for Democracy, and have been invited to several events held under the auspices of the Council of Europe.

World Forum for Democracy, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 2014 


My generation is constantly reminded of the expectations and demands placed upon us by society. Questioning and reassessing these expectations outlined in another time and context is perfectly reasonable. I have confronted public figures with the perspectives of my generation and the 21st century. You should do the same.

National Student Confederation, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2016
Picture (c) Georgi Mitov


I am a social-liberal of the pragmatic kind believing in International coorperation, free trade, human rights and adequate social security. No human deserves to live in an unfree society or in poverty. On the journey towards a better society we have no time for populism and dishonesty. I am a former associate of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), and former member of the UK Liberal Democrats and the Danish Social Liberal Party.

Campaigning for Remain, EU Membership Referendum, London, United KIngdom, 2016


I place much importance in the art of structured dialogue, and try to pursue a respectable and consensus-seeking approach whenever possible. I have taken part in many Model United Nations debates in order to strengthen my debating skills, and was among the youth influencers enrolled at a debate academy organised by the leading Danish newspaper Politiken.

MUNAPEST. Budapest, Hungary, 2015
Picture (c) Judy Zhang  


The guiding principle behind my political work has always been a desire to empower other young people to speak up. The untapped potential of the most educated and engaged generation ever can only be unleashed if we are given the tools to undertake change. I hold a proven track record of activating and empowering students and youth on a regional, national and european level through my engagement at OBESSU, DGS and DSE.

Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU), Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014


I refuse to remain silent in the face of injustice and unfairness. Whether taking up the fight against education cuts or addressing bad governance, I seek to bring issues to public attention. I have been invited to present my opinion at numerous occasions by Danish newspapers and national media.

Interview, National broadcaster TV-2, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016 


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